Sunday, May 31, 2015

BadAss Black and White Skully Challenge Quilt

Here is my BadAss Black and White Skully Challenge Quilt!!
"Midnight Masquerade" 
 It sure was fun to create. It is 60" x 78"
 Using 6 required fat quarters. Black and white only, no color.
 It contains dimensional star blocks, and a Bad Ass Puffy Flower !!
 If you look closely you will find added dancing Skeletons throughout the quilt. Can you find the Bad Ass Challenge button?  
Go to the BadAss Quilters Society web page, to see the rest of the quilts and information for voting.
 Voting runs from June 1st to June 5th. Winner announced June 7th. 
please visit, please vote. Thanks

Click on the heart, on the corner of a quilt to vote. only one vote !  thanks for visiting.

  1.  Midnight Masquerade

 Required fabrics

More to follow, check back. 

Have a Bad Ass Day.